Pool Equipment Installation

At Cypress Pool Service and Repair, we install and replace all makes of pool equipment.
Pentair Equipment

We are proud to be a Pentair Partner and are
experienced in installing all models of
Pentair Pool Equipment.  Whether it’s Pentair
Pool Pumps, Pentair Pool Heaters or Pentair
Pool Filters, we are familiar with the entire line.  




hayward pool equipmentWe are a certified dealer of Hayward Pool
. Trained in all aspects of
Hayward Pool Pumps, Hayward Pool Filters
and Hayward Pool Heaters, we can assist
you  with any installation.

Jandy Pool Equipment
We also a dealer of Jandy Pool Equipment.

Experienced in installing or replacing
all parts of the Jandy Pool Pumps,
Jandy Pool Heaters and Jandy Pool Filters.