Pool Heater Repairs

At Cypress Pool Service and Repair, we install and repair all makes of pool heaters, including Pentair Pool Heaters, Hayward Pool Heaters and Jandy Pool Heaters.  If you need to replace an existing heater or have one fixed, give us a call at 281-758-0832.

Pool heaters are the most complex part of your swimming pool. They combine electricity and gas with a variety of systems to control temperature and insure operating safety. Cypress Pool Care’s technicians are manufacturer trained at diagnosing swimming pool heater problems and fixing them quickly and economically.

Pool Heater problems can involve malfunctioning parts, soot, corrosion, blockage and ventilation issues. Because of the many safety systems within pool heaters and the danger and difficulty of diagnosing the variety of problems, we don’t recommend home owners attempt to fix these components themselves.