Cypress Pool Cleaning

Our 18 Step Pool Maintenance Checklist

  • We care about your pool!
  • Pool walls, steps brushed.
  • Pool cleaner bag emptied.
  • Skimmer,  pump baskets cleaned.
  • Pool vacuumed.
  • Equipment inspected for leaks.
  • Chemicals balanced.
  • Water tested for Hardness and CYA.
  • Backwash for D/E filters.
  • Preventative algae treatment.
  • Techs clean only 8 pools per day.
  • All pools inspected regularly.
  • Available filter cleaning program.
  • Additional Chemical Treatments.
  • Licensed Certified Pool Operator.
  • Texas Electrical State Licensed.
  • Family Owned – Personalized Service.
  • Liability Insurance for $1,000,000.

Proper Pool Cleaning can prevent many problems such as:

Scaly surfaces on pool plaster from incorrect chemical balance.
Cloudy water from pool filters that need to be cleaned.
Greenish water from low chlorine levels.
Rust-colored stains from copper or iron that has corroded
Eye or throat irritation from improper chemical balance.
Bathers’ hair turns green from too much chlorine.
Failure of pool equipment from poor chemical balance.